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Legian Attractions

What to see in Legian

Located between the famous surfing Mecca, Kuta, and middle-upper class hangouts, Seminyak, Legian is a recreational place where one can shop, swim or go to a spa. Legian Beach is one of the famous beaches in Bali along with Double Six Beach which is actually just the northern part of Legian Beach.

Since it has fewer crowds and lower tides Legian is just the perfect place to get lazy. If you’re looking for a place to stay with a limited budget, Legian is the perfect option in spite of its strategic location and is perhaps less chaotic than its neighbour Kuta, yet still gives lends a party atmosphere because some of Bali hippest bars and lounges are located in this area.

Legian Beach

The beach starts from Melasti to Werkudara Street, and since there is no public transport access there's a sidewalk stretch from Legian Beach Hotel to Jayakarta Hotel. Legian Beach gives you more of a resort feel and offers more beach activities than normal. You can go for a swim, take a surfing lesson, go canoeing in certain months, play beach volleyball or maybe just lie and soak up the sun.

If that's not enough, you can stroll along the beach sidewalk and maybe stop by for cocktails, shoot some pool, or get a massage. Legian Beach is a hip place to hang out at night; there's everything here from live music bars to beachside restaurants, from Mexican food to Mediterranean fare. There are a number of cottages, exclusive bungalows and luxury hotels embracing the shores of the beach and one can enjoy easy access to the beach from these accommodation choices. The beach is full of excitement and tropical party treats.

Double Six Beach

If you have fashionable tastes and have worked your body into great shape, this beach is the perfect place to show how cool you can stay in the summer heat. Grab your latest shades and iPod and stroll along from noon till sundown, 'cause this place is busy with stylish people who want to see and be seen.

Double Six Beach is on the north side of Legian Beach and it reaches from the Jayakarta Hotel to The Double Six Club. Why is the club so famous? Because occasionally it holds Ibizan-style beach parties with famous DJs and they last for days.


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